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Cinderfella is a gorgeous Paso Fino gelding. He came to us after being saved from a herd dispersal. His previous owner dubbed him too much horse for her. And he is indeed quite a bit of horse. As far as we know Cinder was never abused however he is very fearful and will need someone who can spend a great deal of time with him to help him over come that fear. He is a very curious horse and that curiosity always wins out over the fear and he will come to investigate any new person. Cinderfella is what we would call a One Owner horse. He truely needs someone who will give him a home for the rest of his life and is willing to take on the challenge of reaching him through the fear.

Cinder has had some training and halters, leads, lunges, loads, and stands for the farrier. He has been saddled but is not yet ready to be ridden.

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