• Zephyr

Possibly Arab Mix

Grey/Appaloosa~Mare~DOB 1996?~Arrived April 2016

We were contacted by a couple who had a white Arab mare abandoned on their property six months prior. Both were retired and living off disability, they were unequipped to have a horse but had made her as comfortable as possible and built a run-in shelter for her. Unfortunately the environment wasn't as safe as it could be and she seems to have gotten caught up in the fencing and had some minor abrasions on her hind legs when we arrived to look at her.

At first we drove right past the house but in peering into the back yard we could see the top line of a grayish white horse. After pulling in we met with the couple and they walked us back to where the mare was living. She was in good health from what we could see-at a good weight, feet recently trimmed. Upon entering the makeshift pen Zepher immediately approached us. She was affectionate and not shy at all. She was a little jumpy as I tried to handle her hind legs without a halter on her. The couple explained that they had been trying to get weight on her since she had been dumped and that Dr. Green had been out to trim her feet not long before. They said she had to be sedated to get trimmed as she had tried to kick out at him. I spent some time with her and was able to lift both front feet as well as briefly examine the cuts on her hind legs. After leaving we immediately started contacting people looking for a temporary home for her as our facility was full. One of our wonderful volunteers stepped up and offered to house her on his pasture with their two other horses they adopted from us. A week or so later we headed to pick her up. She haltered easily and loaded into the trailer without a fuss. A quick exam was done on her and we found that she lunged both directions, backed, lowered her head and lifted all four feet but could be fussy about her hind legs.

This sweet mare is still in training but rides well and has clearly had a great deal of handling in the past. She does have some arthritis in one of her front knees and sometimes takes a few missteps at a trot. She has been handled on the ground a fair amount but will need a confident handler. She rides all three gates comfortably and would need an intermediate rider.


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