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Dream Catcher Ranch is the home of our therapeutic environment for empowering people with physical and mental health challenges through interaction with horses in a unique clinical setting.

The mission of Dream Catcher Therapy Center is to foster an environment to effectively rescue and rehabilitate horses and empower people with physical and mental health challenges through interaction with horses in a unique, clinical setting. Dream Catcher provides comprehensive Hippotherapy services using the horse as a tool to address impairments, functional limitations, cognitive delays and disabilities in patients.

In 1996, Bill and Kathy's daughter, Ali, was born with Down Syndrome. They realized that with some help, their beautiful child could develop to her full potential. A lifelong horsewoman, Kathy began to explore the idea of a Hippotherapy program and traveled to different centers around Colorado to learn all she could. Believing that Hippotherapy would benefit others besides Ali, the Hamm's bought 36 acres west of Olathe, Colorado. Dream Catcher Therapy Center was founded there in 1999, starting with two personal horses and an arena.

In the decade since, the Center has grown into a full-time operation with licensed therapists, counselors, and over 30 well-mannered horses.  Additionally, the Center has helped over 1,200 disabled children and adults, and hundreds of horses. Dream Catcher Therapy Center continues to be a training center for the AHA and is approved as a Special Olympic equestrian center. Programs are constantly being developed and enhanced to meet the needs of the community - both our human clients and four-legged friends.

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