Horses Looking For Forever Homes

These are horses who are looking for their permanent home. If you are interested in FOSTERING and/or ADOPTING any of these horses visit our Adoption Process page.

If you have any questions call our office at (970) 323-5400 or email us at to schedule an appointment. Not all of our adoptable horses are listed at this time. 



JR 7/22/16

JR 7/22/16


Sponsored by:  Carolina Garcia-Zigal

JR was saved from the Delta sale barn headed to slaughter and today he is in training and available for sponsorship and adoption. JR is green broke and progressing wonderfully, with his calm disposition and willingness to please he will make a phenomenal horse. Read More...






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Tango is a registered Paint mare but is buckskin in color. Tango needs a very special person to give her a life long home. She is a beautiful little mare but has a history of fear based aggression. She is currently in training and has improved quite a bit we hardly see that side of her any more. She love attention and has a very sweet side to her. She has been started under saddle and is progressing wonderfully. Read More..






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Hope is a lovely little mustang mare. She is still very much on the wild side but is learning to trust. She is mostly halter broke and is learning to lead, have her feet handled, and basic ground manners.  Once she learns that people aren't all the bad she will be up to adoption to the right home. We would love to see her and her daughter Charity go together. Read More...




 Charity - ADOPTABLE

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Charity is Hope's little filly. She was born on our facility and is the epitome of a spoiled baby. She'll follow you around the pen and wants to be a part of everything you do. She is currently learning her ground manners and once she is old enough will be a great little riding horse. We would love to see her and her mother Hope go together. Read More..


Cinderfella - Paso Fino Gelding

 Cinderfella - ADOPTABLE

Training with Zen Greenlee Horsemanship

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Cinderfella is a noble Paso Fino gelding born in 2009. He has a shy disposition but his curiosity takes over most of the time. He came to our facility in May 2013. He has been doing a lot of confidence building and as of summer 2016 is starting under saddle. Read More...

SPECIAL NEEDS-Cinder is a one person horse and needs someone who can commit a large amount of time to building trust with him. He is very curious but needs consistency and patience. 


Misty♥ Misty - ADOPTABLE

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Misty is a beautiful white Arabian. She is sweet but has the typical Arabian flare. She is ridable and would make a great pleasure horse. Misty adores people and is always looking for a scratch or a treat. Read More...




♥ GiGi - ADOPTABLE (as Pasture Pal Only)

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This pretty little mare was donated to DCTC in the fall of 2011 when she was 4 years old. Her previous owner bred mini horses in Whitewater, Colorado. GiGi has scoliosis, which is a disease of the spine. She was used as a driver for carts and had worked with mental health patients as well. GiGi is a star in our mental health program and loves to work with children. Having a disability like scoliosis shows the children that no matter what the disability is, you are able to contribute in a positive way.  Read More..




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Gabby is a big beautiful girl. She is an Off Track Thoroughbred who is looking to start the next leg of her life. She is sound and is currently undergoing retraining as a trail horse. This girl has had a tough go of things. She was saved from slaughter and injured in quarantine. It is time she finds her forever home where she will have lots of love for the rest of her life. Read More...





♥ Montana - ADOPTABLE

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This is Montana, a 14 year old gelding. He was recently surrendered to the Moffat County Sheriff's dept. It had been 2 or 3 years since his last farrier visit and his feet were so long that when he walked he would hit his front legs with his hind toes! Read More...





monte♥ Monte

Training with Zen Greenlee Horsemanship

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Monte is a very intelligent Mustang. He was once described as confident and level-headed. Unfortunately, due to some aggressive training Monte lost this confidence. Once recognized, Monte was place under a training method more suited to his quiet and intent nature. Read More...

petra-3♥ Petra - ADOPTABLE

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Acquired in 2013 Petra is a favorite with a number of our clients. She's a 9 year old Quarter Horse and Suffolk Punch Draft cross. A gentle girl who loves attention from people. Read More...

Such a beauty!


rainbow ♥ Rainbow - ADOPTABLE (Following Rehab)

In Therapy with Patty Painter

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Rainbow was saved off a slaughter feed lot. She is paralyzed on one side of her face due to nerve damage from an old injury. This lucky girl caught the attention of the right people. A home stepped forward for her. Bail and board were raised. But a horse can not be pulled from this lot on donation except by a 501(c) non profit. Read More...


♥ Tobasco - ADOPTABLE 

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This cute little Paint Mule was a $5 bargain from the local sales barn. He is hesitant around adults, probably due to the indications that a large blunt object has made contact with his head. However, he has a soft spot in his heart for children. He would love a forever home with the right family. Read More...




♥ Sparkle (Sea Me Sparkle) - ADOPTABLE (Following Rehab)

In Therapy with Patty Painter

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Our new little rescued racehorse filly, Sea Me Sparkle, is recovering well. Her leg is better and she is receiving therapy to facilitate healing. She is a 3 yr old filly, Off Track Thoroughbred with bowed tendon. Saddle trained. Born May 27, 2013. Read More...




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Meet Memo. He is a 10 year old Quarter Horse. He came to us off of a race track in New Mexico. This lovely boy has been with us for a while when we agreed to take in a 3 year old off track thoroughbred, Sparkle. The woman who introduced us to Sparkle bought a gelding from the same owner for her husband to ride.When she went to pick the gelding up it was clear that something was wrong. Read More...


bailey♥ Bailey - ADOPTABLE 

Donate to Help Feed Bailey

Bailey came to Dream Catchers Horse Rescue in September. She had been caught in a fence and cut her back leg and was very malnourished. The people who had brought her here had tried to doctor her leg and get weight on her but were unable to. They knew she needed help. Now she’s getting the proper care but she needs financial help before winter hits.  Read More...


Permanent Therapy Horses 

These horses are not up for adoption but they do need SPONSORED

These horses are members of our Mental Health, Hippotherapy, and/or Therapeutic Riding programs and will live out their lives helping children and adults. Some are permanent residents of the facility and others are privately owned horses who are leased to us for use in the programs. 



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We call him Checkers because he has square spots at the end of his mane and at the top of his tail. He is quite sociable and likes to know what is going on in the yard. Read More...



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 Fraggle is an adorable miniature pony who was saved from the sale barn. He is a favorite in our mental health program despite being a spoiled brat. He has twice the attitude of a full sized horse in his little body and we love him for it. Read More...




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Felix is one of our four mini horses that were born and raised for research at Colorado State University and were then donated to our therapy program. The clients who get to work with Felix love interacting with him. He works with the children as a four-legged therapist who is helping them learn how to rebuild trust and love in our mental health program. Felix loves his three pasture mates and is very social with all the therapists and children with whom he works. Shy at first with people, he is usually the instigator of clever pony tricks. Read More...




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Skylar is one of the  Colorado State University experimental ponies that came to DCTC in 2010. He is a curious fellow and a bit shy at first. He love to hang out with his buddies and meet new people. Skylar and the other ponies have been a big success in the mental health program.




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Rowen came to us with Checkers, Cornelius, and Felix who all came from Colorado State University where they were experimental ponies. Rowen was foaled in 2008 and came to DCTC in 2010. They all have their own personalities and ideas on things. Rowen is shy at first but loves to be a part of therapy sessions. He is a very good teacher and friend. Rowen and the other ponies have been a big success in the mental health program. Read More...




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Foaled in 2008, Cornelius spent his early years at the Colorado State University research department. He arrived at DCTC in 2010 with his three pony pals. He is the most laid-back of the four of them. He is loved by all his client friends. He has a shy, quiet disposition but enjoys being talked to and interacting with his two-legged friends. Read More..




alice-1Alice - Sponsored By: Carolina Garcia-Zigal

Alice is a gorgeous Palomino, Missouri Fox Trotter. Alice was Donated to DCTC after her retirement from the U.S Forest Service. She is a member of our therapy team and a staff favorite.  Read More...




Flicka - Sponsored By: The Dwyer Family

Flicka is one sweet little pony and is loved by all. She does come with one huge problem and that is over indulgence. Flicka was born in 1991 and Dr. Shull saved her life when he performed surgery on her flexor tendons several years ago. She and Cheyenne are pasture buddies. Little kids love her easy going, sweet personality and are drawn to her because of her big, soft eyes. The children find her gait to be quite soothing. Flicka is a favorite in our mental health program and as a hippo therapy pony. Read More...


Frosty - Gelding


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DCTC was contacted by a family in Wyoming who needed a forever home for their gelding. Frosty was used to move cows on the rugged Wyoming ranch he called home. His family found that the life in Wyoming had become too difficult for him as he had developed arthritis and was unable to herd the cows as needed. DCTC has proven to be a “forever” home for him as he is a perfect match for our therapy program. Two of his favorite things are being groomed and lots of TLC and, of course, our therapy children just LOVE him. Frosty is currently being used in our Therapeutic Riding Program and is a terrific edition to the program. He's also very good in the Hippo-Therapy program. Read More...



Pumpkin - Sponsored By: Kenn Kline

(Poco Goldun Duke)

This wonderful gelding was donated by a local Delta County Attorney when he was no longer able to be ridden. With the signs of early Navicular disease, it was clear that Pumpkin’s future was not what the attorney had hoped it would be. Navicular disease causes the foot bone to slowly deteriorate, causing lameness or the inability to walk correctly and/or carry weight. Having the job of a therapy horse has proven to be the best situation for Pumpkin. He is a lovable, gentle giant who adores children and is always ready for his sessions. He is involved in all therapy programs. Read More...



Speagle - Sponsored By: Alpine Bank

Speagle is a Quarter/Welsh cross and was born in 1998. She has been with us since the summer of 2004. In her short life she has been used as a schooling pony, hunter jumper and now hippotherapy and therapeutic riding pony. Since joining our herd, she has become a favorite of clients and therapists alike. Her gaits offer lots of movement and her personality is very engaging. She will have a long career with us at Dream Catchers. Read More



Sundance (Solid Gold Newsie)

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Sundance is a beautiful Palomino gelding. He is currently being used to carry some of our older Hippo Clients and he loves the work! He is always up to groomed and loved on. Read More...



End of the Trail Permanent Residents

These horses are not up for adoption but they do need SPONSORED

These horses will live their lives out with End of the Trail. All are given a job in our Mental Health Program but due to physical and/or mental trauma they will not be placed in homes. Some of these horses are also retired from our ridden therapy programs and now work just with the mental health clients-just because they can't be ridden doesn't mean they aren't a valuable part of the program.



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Dexter is one of the mostly loving horses we have. He is a slow old guy who enjoys his shelter almost as must as being out on pasture.  He always comes back early and will wait patiently at the gate for someone to let him in. Read More...





Sonny  - Sponsored By: Cadez Family

(Sunmakers Shadow)

Sunny is a sorrel and white Paint who came to us in October 2004. He had been used as a "heading" horse until it was discovered he excelled as a "heeling" horse in the discipline of roping.

Born in 1992, he was building his roping career until he was pushed too hard and received an injury that was never allowed to heal correctly. Sunny was donated to us as his owners did not want to put any more time and money into him. As a result of his injury, he has developed ring bone in both hind legs and will require surgery to fuse the bone in his left hind leg. Sunny's incredible personality and spirit are the reason we have taken him on as a project of hard work and love. Sunny is great in our Hippotherapy Program for light riders & is another favorite in our Mental Health Program. We've discovered that he likes the smell of coffee.


Bess - Sponsored By: Alpine Bank

Bess is a Standard bred born in 1993. She was donated to DCTC in 2004. Previously, she had the glamorous life of being a carriage horse on the 16th Street Mall in Denver.Read More...






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Stinger is a red and white paint gelding. In his previous life he taught kids how to jump! He is now a member of our therapy team and loves the attention. He does have the bad habit of wind sucking which we are working to break him of. He is a very intelligent and driven horse who needs a great deal of attention and stimulation. Read More...

SPECIAL NEEDS- Stinger has practically no teeth and needs soaked food (we suggest timothy alfalfa pellets) 2-3 times a day to maintain weight. He cannot eat hay so 24/7 pasture would be best for him.





Rocketman - Appendix Quarter Horse



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Rocketman was foaled in 1989. He is an Appendix Quarter Horse who was purchased with Strawberry.

In his previous life, he was a feedlot horse in Texas which is hard to believe since he seems to be afraid of cows. When Rocketman first arrived at Dream Catcher, we discovered that he had probably never been in a pasture with grass because he freaked out when the grass first touched his legs. He is great in the Mental Health Program.



Copper Copper

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Copper is a big-hearted beauty. Luckily, we were able to save him from going to a processing plant. Copper was born in 1991. He is very gentle, handles nicely and rides western. Copper is very people oriented and wants to please. The kids in the mental health program love him. We are so happy to have him as one of our horses. Read More...


Classy - Registered Paint


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Born April 14, 1997 in Utah, Class Chick, or "Classy", is a registered paint mare who is well-mannered and super sweet. She was purchased for trail riding, but due to a tender foot it was determined she'd work better in a less rough environment.

We have successfully raised the funds for Classy to get ring bone treatment! In spite of her problems, she is used in our mental health program and loves all the attention it brings to her. Read More...

Successfully Adopted

269831_474556602625619_592896222_nRayne - SUCCESSFULLY ADOPTED

Rayne is a mustang from The Book Cliffs of Grand Junction, Colorado. After being starved by her previous owner and left to die she was rehabilitated at our facility and is now a therapy horse giving back to the disabled. She is a great little riding horse and could go in any direction. She is very versatile. Rayne is bonded to Dutch and they must be adopted together. Read More...





Mary is a horse who was rescued in February 2007 from starvation. She was born in 2006. When she came to the center she had a large laceration to the bulb of her foot. Mary seems to have been affected most by malnutrition due to sickness and teeth abscesses. She has had some difficulty with abscesses in the past due to this, but is doing fine now. Despite not being handled prior to coming here and being ant-social Mary does not know she is a horse and prefers people. She definitely appreciates the hand that feeds her. Mary has been started and is doing very well in her training. She loves being ridden but will need a person of her own to reach her full potential. Read More...


Dutch is a lovely paint gelding born in 1992. His former owner did a lot of trail riding with him. Dutch is a big sweetheart and loves being pet. He is often unaware of how big he is and just wants to be close to people. He is a gentle giant with a heart of gold. Dutch is bonded to Rayne and they must be adopted together. Read More...

SPECIAL NEEDS: Dutch needs extra feed to maintain weight, especially in the winter. We suggest soaked alfalfa pellets as they are easier for him to chew. 




Roo was born March 1, 2013 and came to Dream Catcher Therapy Center on May 13, 2013. She is very sweet and loving.

Roo was split from her mother at two months old and has had a very traumatic start. She had a nasty cut on her hock that is healing very well. Sadly, she was also malnourished. She is gaining weight and is starting to fill out and up.

Roo is hoping to find a loving home where she can grown up and get some good training.

As of December 2015 Roo has grown quite a bit and become a lovely young lady. She is now under saddle and turning in to a well rounded horse.

End of the Trail

Gone but Never Forgotten

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