Wish List

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Below is a list of items that we almost always need at our Rescue.  Please give us a call to find out where and how to have it delivered or to find out if there is something else we may need. (970)323-5400

Wish List

Construction Items

  1. Bob Cat or some sort of small backhoe
  2. 7x10 Utility Trailer
  3. 12 ft. Aluminum Panels
  4. Metal Siding
  5. Metal Roof Material

Horse Care Items

  1. Plastic Colored Feed Tubs   www.tubtrubs.com
  2. Cotton Vet Wrap
  3. Vet Wrap, non-stick
  4. Scarlet Oil
  5. Blue Coat Spray
  6. Vetericyn Spray
  7. Ring Bone Surgery for Sonny, one of our therapy horses, approximately $1200
  8. Cold Laser machine for many of our tendon issues, approximately $6000
  9. Fly Masks - horse size or large horse size
  10. Fly Traps
  11. Fly Spray


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