How to Help


So you are asking your self "How can I help?"

Look no further, there are countless ways you can become a vital part of our organization. Here are just a few:

Volunteer. Donate. Sponsor. Foster. Adopt. Share.

Dream Catcher Therapy Center is always looking for new volunteers. While a large part of the work we need help with is daily chores of mucking pens and cleaning waters we can always find a job that suits your skill level and physical capabilities.

Donations can come in all forms not just money. Check out our Wish List for all the In-Kind donations we accept. You can also provide a scholarship for a clients to receive a session with our horses.

Your Sponsorship of a rescue horse helps to cover the costs of their care and rehabilitation. The more horse sponsors we have the more horses we are able to help!

Fostering is a great way to help a rescue horse. Have some extra pasture for the season? A temporary foster helps horses get a break from the busy ranch life and just be horses for a while. A temporary foster home can help us place horses until they find a forever family and keep open spots at our facility for severe cases.

Adopt! Looking to bring a horse into your life? We have a wide variety of horses to fit a wide variety of people. Don't see your dream horse on our page? Give us a call and we will keep an eye out for the right horse for you.

Share. This is probably the easiest and yet most important thing you can do to help. Share our Facebook campaigns and stories. Talk your friends about us. Come to our free events. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.