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Dream Catcher Center is the home to a therapeutic environment for empowering people with physical and mental health challenges through interaction with horses in a unique clinical setting.The mission of Dream Catcher Therapy Center is to foster an environment to effectively empower people with physical and mental health challenges through interaction with rescue horses in a unique, clinical setting. Dream Catcher provides comprehensive animal assisted services using the horse as a tool to address impairments, functional limitations, cognitive delays, mental health concerns and relationship building with our clients and their families.













Thanks to all of you that supported us during the GivingTuesday/Now fundraiser yesterday! We are so grateful to all of you! We had donations through Facebook and our website.



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KVNF Public Radio - Interview with Kathy Hamm


KVNF explores Equine-Assisted Therapy aka "Horse Therapy" at Dream Catcher Therapy Center in Olathe, CO. The therapy center houses over 50 rescued horses and works hand-in-hand with End of the Trail Rescue which rescues horses and cares for them until "the end of their lives." Equine therapy offers a different approach to trauma related therapy as well as physical and mental health treatment.

Therapy programs are offered to ages two and up. KVNF's Kori Stanton talks to Kathy Hamm, Founder of both Dream Catcher Therapy Center and End of the Trail Rescue about the importance of rescuing horses and their therapeutical abilities.

They also talk about animal cruelty and how the two organizations strive to protect animals from abuse. KVNF also speaks with head horse care-taker Steve Howarth, ranch volunteer Sandy, a DCTC therapist, Tamara Graham and Carol McBride one of the Board Members of End of the Trail Rescue. 









We went to the Colorow Care Center in Olathe last week to help cheer up the seniors . We took wonderful Pumpkin and Sunny for the residents to see from their rooms - a few were able to come outside and touch the horses as well.

It was great to see the excitement from residents - horses are such healing animals and we were happy to bring smiles to their faces.

Steve with Pumpkin visiting a resident at a window. Kathy with Sunny visiting a resident - ❤️😊🐴


Telehealth Programs

We are excited to welcome two new therapists to Dream Catcher Therapy Center!

Sandra DeCarolis will be coming to us from the Denver area as a Mental Health Therapist.  Sandra will be starting a Telehealth Program for us until we can resume our regular programs.  We are using the Telehealth program to practice social distancing and still provide mental health services to those that need help through these tough times.

Coming to us from the Denver area - Natalie Wollert will be heading up  our HippoTherapy Program!  Our programs will resume once it is safe to be in small groups again. 

We will resume our Equine Therapy Programs in person when it is safe and the Covid-19 pandemic has passed.  For now - please call us at Dream Catcher Therapy to get set up with our Telehealth Programs.  We can do the necessary paperwork and get you started with our telecommunication technology.  

Call us at 970-323-5400 to get started!!

We Need You!!!

Volunteers for our HippoTherapy Programs!!!

Want to making a lasting impact? Make a difference? We are in need of volunteers to serve as side-walkers and horse leaders. 

Side-walkers - need to be able to support our clients by walking on either side of our client next to the horse. Should be an adult and have the ability to get a client off the horse if necessary.

Horse Leaders - Need to be experienced with horses. Need to know how a horse behaves and help lead the horse with the client on board. 

We will train teams of three to work with our clients and our Mental Therapist/Occupational Therapist. We want these teams to stay together and will need their help several times a week for our sessions.

We hope to be able to start up our program in mid to late May - 

If you are interested in helping - we absolutely need you!! Not only will you provide an invaluable service to our clients - you will feel a deep sense of accomplishment! Come work in the fresh air with wonderful clients and horses!!

Please call Kathy at 970-323-5400 or email at info@dctc.org.



Making new friends.
Servicing our seniors.

We are excited to announce our SILVER LININGS collaboration with Colorow Care Center and a 3 year  Colorado State grant!!!  


Our Silver Linings Program will be up and running when the COVID-19 situation is under control.





New Pilot Program Coming Soon

Taking the Reins is a program for caregivers of people with Dementia.  Through Kaiser Permanente Health Research and the Alzheimer's Association we have been awarded a grant to partner with Groundwork Ranch and four other facilities to pilot 'Taking the Reins'.  Staff will attend a three day training session in Denver to learn about the program and we will then conduct a 6 week Taking the Reins Program here at the Ranch.



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