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How You Can Help


Donating to our horse rescue saves lives, provides medical care, and offers a second chance at happiness.

Sponsor a horse

We have over 50 permanent equine residents. Your generous donation helps us HELP more horses!


Volunteers are an invaluable asset to this organization and we have many areas where we could use your help.

visit the ranch

Come to our Olathe site to learn what our organizations do and meet many of the amazing horses in our care.

Report Abuse

If you suspect abuse or neglect is taking place, contact us. We will contact law enforcement officials and investigate.

hay fund donations

A donation of just $10.00 will purchase one bale of hay and will feed one rescue horse for three days.


Thanks to All our donors!

Thanks to Grants & Donations we have been able to expand our arena, move our round pen and even expand several of our pen areas for our horses!  We were able to add shelters to our expanded pens thanks to CUHA!!

It is really looking great and we are so grateful for donations and grants that help us maintain a high level of care for all of our rescues

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$ 5900

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$ 3600

Thanks to our sponsors!
A 501(c)3 non-profit organization since 1999

Welcome to Dream Catcher Therapy Center

Horses Helping People, People Helping Horses

Our Mission

About Us

The mission of Dream Catcher Therapy Center is to foster an environment to effectively empower people with physical and mental health challenges through interaction with rescue horses in a unique, clinical setting.

Dream Catcher provides comprehensive animal assisted services using the horse as a partner to address impairments, functional limitations, cognitive delays, mental health concerns and relationship building with our clients and their families.

Programs We Offer

Equine Assisted Therapy

EAP gives people the ability to have therapy outside the walls of the therapist office in a collaborative effort between a licensed therapist, horse professional and the client.


We are here to help support our Veterans with Equine Assisted Mental Health Programs to address suicide prevention, PTSD, substance abuse, depression and anxiety.

Silver Linings /
Senior Programs

This is a new program designed to assist seniors and families coping with Dementia and the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease as well as seniors living with physical impairments.

Make a donation

Help support our Mental Health Programs and our 4-Legged Therapists.
give back

Ways To Help

Donating to our horse rescue saves lives, provides medical care, and offers a second chance at happiness.
Set up a monthly subscription through our website to help support our 4-Legged Therapists!
We count on your generous donations to support our important mission here at Dream Catcher Therapy Center!
Our center offers sanctuary and rehabilitation to abused, neglected and unwanted horses. These horses come to us scared, starved and suffering. Your donation will make it possible for these horses to heal.
Your sponsorship helps us to provide feed, vet care, and farrier work to over 50 horses at our rescue.
We could use your support. Listed here are the top things that will help us continue to thrive.

What people say

Dream Catcher Therapy is the place to go when Mental Health struggles arise!  The staff is caring and friendly, and the horses make excellent additions to the therapeutic process!

Carlie Olson

Best place for Equine therapy! Dream Catchers ranch is a great place for horses to retire. If you want a place to volunteer and feel the spirit, come play with the horses.

Kathi Carter

Really lovely farm setting with wonderful animals.  This place has helped me tremendously in dealing with the loss of my daddy and best friend.

Georgette Baumgardner

Very Nice accommodation for elderly Horse and animals. Will be contributing to them and the great staffing.

Randy Hanke

we can help

A Mental Health Clinic

We have been serving our community for over 20 years helping those in need with many forms of healing therapies. Please give us a call at 970-323-5400 to learn more about our Equine Assisted Mental Health Programs.  We are set up to accept most insurance plans & Medicaid.

Visit the Ranch

We love to have visitors at the Ranch! We are asking all of you to please make an appointment before coming for a visit.We are so busy all day long and we want to make sure we have time to spend with visitors and give tours of our facilities – so please give us a call at 970 – 323-5400 to schedule an appointment.