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Our Mission

Dream Catcher Center is the home to a therapeutic environment for empowering people with physical and mental health challenges through interaction with horses in a unique clinical setting.The mission of Dream Catcher Therapy Center is to foster an environment to effectively empower people with physical and mental health challenges through interaction with rescue horses in a unique, clinical setting. Dream Catcher provides comprehensive animal assisted services using the horse as a tool to address impairments, functional limitations, cognitive delays, mental health concerns and relationship building with our clients and their families.







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Decide how much of your state income tax refund to donate (all or a portion of it).  Enter Dream Catcher Therapy Center and our registration number 20083006486 in the ‘Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund’ line on your state tax return or tax software – or give this info to your tax preparer when you share your tax documents.

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We are excited to announce our SILVER LININGS collaboration with Colorow Care Center and a 3 year Colorado State grant!!!  

We will continue our Silver Linings Program assisting seniors harnessing the healing power of older horses to help with depression, motivation, Dementia and early stage Alzheimer's disease.


Silver Linings program in action last year.





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